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Friday, March 17, 2006

Courtroom Sketch Artist

Sketch artist drew history unfolding

Courtroom Sketch: Gary Myrick :: Paula Jones, accuser of President Clinton, with boyfriend (left) and attorney, as sketched by Gary Myrick
By Happynews Staff
Updated: 07/14/05

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By Terri Rimmer

Happynews Citizen Journalist

His sketches tell a story with the stroke of a pencil, unfolding the history of some of the most well-known U.S. trials. Gary Myrick, an accomplished courtroom sketch artist who grew up in Fort Worth, has drawn scenes from trials such as the Darlie Routier trial to the infamous 1979 Cullen Davis murder trial.

Myrick's work dates back nearly 30 years and includes the 1981 trials of Vicki Daniels, a spouse-murderer, the trial of Cullen Davis, who allegedly murdered his ex-wife's lover, and the courtroom events surrounding Paul Fielding, a former Forth Worth City Councilman now in prison after pleading guilty for mail fraud and extortion. Myrick was also hard at work during the famous Branch Davidian incident, drawing the arraignments in Waco. He's sketched judges, witnesses, experts, defendants, spouses, and family members of defendants, and even Paula Jones, who levied sexual (abuse) charges against President Clinton. He has even drawn the United States Supreme Court for ABC News.

When he worked, people would often look over his shoulder as he drew the major players, and he's been known to attract a crowd during court recesses.

He is now looking for a sponsor and public place to display and archive his numerous pieces.


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