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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Entrepreneur sweeps the extra mile

Courtesy of Kacie Colle :: Kacie's Kleaning Kapers - "We'll do your dirty work"
By Terri Rimmer
Updated: 07/24/05
Among the numerous house cleaning businesses in Colorado, one stands out for its unique personal touch.

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This story was written by Citizen Journalist Terri Rimmer. We encourage you to click the Tip Jar to support this writer's work. By Terri Rimmer

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What makes Kacie's Kleaning Kapers unique among others is that they adopt several low-income or indigent families throughout the year and supply clothes, furniture, help with food, laundry, and anything else they can assist them with.

"We started just with Christmas but it expanded quickly," said Kacie Colle, owner and founder of Kacie's Kleaning Kapers, a cleaning service in Colorado. "We love doing any extras for our customers. We are unique because we love to pamper our customers. Some day I'd like to incorporate but I want to still act like a small family business."

Kacie's Kleaning Kapers, owned by former Fort Worth, TX resident Kacie Colle, was launched in July 2003 as a result of 17 years of informally cleaning homes for friends. Colle's husband Harold does the accounting, her mom serves as secretary, and her sister Denelle is the office manager. Seventeen-year-old employee Sara "loves to clean," said Colle, and she is the first Colorado employee. Colle, 37, and her family relocated back to Colorado after living in Fort Worth for a few years until April this year. Colle hired a friend of hers, Tawna this past week. Colle's daughter, Kelsey, who started the business with Colle, and her nieces Mandy and Angel pass out flyers and business cards to promote the business.

Colle, said her entire goal is to enjoy what she does while helping other people out with the things they cannot do or just give them that extra time to spend with their families.

"In order to be successful you have to smile. Not just a grimace, but deep down you have to spread your love for life to all those you come into contact with," said Colle.

Sara makes vases with beaded trim and pet treats that Kacie's leaves after cleaning a customer's home. Kacie's also does aromatherapy using essential oils that the customer chooses. A monthly calendar tailored just for each client is provided for each customer with cleaning days marked. Monthly newsletters are also sent out to all clients. Customers are scheduled based on what is convenient to clients and at discount prices. Kacie's specializes in animal clean-up and special all-natural odor and stain removers are used, per request.

Colle is also a block captain for her Neighborhood Watch and she has plans to start a feral cat rescue program this month.

Kacie's website (kacieskleaningkapers.com) features, among other items, a pet page of pictures from Colle's clients, friends, and family, links page, pricing estimate information, an inspirational story page, and a dedication page.

This story was produced by Happynews Citizen Journalist Terri Rimmer. Terri Rimmer works from Fort Worth, TX.
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